Welcome to ZKX API

ZKX API allows you to trade on the ZKX platform. ZKX API provides REST API and WebSocket interfaces.

REST API has public and private endpoints. To request private endpoints, you should have an active trading account and sign the data with a private key. Public endpoints are free to call without signing.

Web Socket API is organized around topics; for some, you must authenticate a web socket connection before subscribing.


Production - Mainnet


WS API wss://

Web UI

Sandbox - Goerli Testnet


WS API wss://

Web UI Web UI on sandbox is protected by basic auth. If you want to get access, please email us at

Starknet smart contract:

Starknet test USDC

L2 USDC Faucet Web UI L2 USDC Faucet POST URL

Be aware that you need to use different accounts for sandbox and production.

As accompanying materials, you could use:

  1. Reference SDK - Typescript client

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