What is ZKX?

ZKX is an omnichain perpetual exchange on Starknet, committed to building DeFi solutions for all. The exchange strives to combine a CEX's performance with a DEX's security.

We achieve this through a decentralized order book powered by the ZKX Appchain and a user-centric self-custodial ZKX Account.


To bring the power of DeFi to the world by providing fair access to decentralized and censorship-resistant financial products.

Following this mission, ZKX provides two exchanges tailored to different types of traders:

OG Trade

A gamified exchange suited for short-term traders, scalpers, and swing traders.

Pro Trade

The exchange offers sophisticated trading with complex order types and API integration designed specifically for advanced traders, whales and prop trading firms.

Differentiator 👉 Architecture

  1. ZKX Appchain: Utilizes Substrate and Starknet ZK-Rollup to enable gasless trading, a single order book, and transparency.

  2. ZKX Account: Employs Starknet's account abstraction for secure fund custody and margin management.

  3. Starkway Bridge: Facilitates quick deposit and withdrawals by transferring assets from Ethereum to Starknet.


ZKX aims for future integration across multiple Layer 1s and rollups, ensuring compatibility, composability, and high throughput. The platform promises a simplified DeFi experience and a low-fee environment.

History of ZKX

The founders of ZKX are Eduard, Naman, and Vitaly. Their journey began with Eduard and Naman recognizing the potential of emerging markets, drawing from their experience with Bitmex's growth during their time at SOSV. They identified a significant gap in the market that needed to be addressed.

The potential of Asia, coupled with the DeFi wave and the GameStop phenomenon in 2021, fueled the need for a platform that offered equal opportunities to all. This led to the inception of ZKX, with Naman and Eduard joined by Vitaly.

The founders bring expertise in venture capital, emerging markets, and tech scale-up management. The team, consisting of 32 individuals across 7 countries from Bali to London, has raised $5.5 million through two token rounds.

Protocol Native Token: $ZKX

The $ZKX token serves as the governance token for the platform, with governance power unlocked through staking. Staking the token provides access to governance power, protocol revenue in USDC, and long-term benefits for the community.


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