OG Trading FAQs

🚨 Advisory

Deposit Method: You can deposit USDC from your L1 and L2 wallets using the Top Up button available in the ZKX wallet.

Avoid Direct Deposits to the ZKX Account: Please do NOT send funds directly from your L1 and L2 wallets. Use the "Top Up" function from the ZKX Account, and choose Ethereum or Starknet.

L2 Deposits: Please refer to the Deposits section for step-by-step details.

  1. How long does the OG Mainnet launch campaign last?

The campaign will last for 2 months with exclusive $ZKX token rewards.

  1. What activities can I engage in on the ZKX OG Trading exchange?

On the OG Trading platform, you can enjoy:

  • Seamless Trading: One-click trading with Up and Down button

  • 30-minute trading competitions: Engage in one-click trading and compete with fellow traders in 30-minute competitions for each asset: ETH, SOL & BTC.

  • Clans: Your entry into clans depends on your on-chain history. The 4 Clans - Pachinko Degens, Yakuza Barons, Ethereum Titans, and DeFi High Rollers unlock access to exclusive $ZKX reward pools and clan NFTs.

  • Profit, Volume and Loss badges: The top 3 Traders from Profit, Volume and Loss earn distinctive Badges every 30 minutes

  • 2 months of $ZKX token rewards

Get ready to experience the most fun perp trading experience!


  1. Tell me about the 4 clans of OG Trading and their incentives.

The four clans, Yakuza Barons, Pachinko Degens, Ethereum Titans, and DeFi High Rollers, are determined based on your DeFi onchain history. Each clan provides access to exclusive $ZKX reward pools and clan NFTs.

  1. Do the Clans have a Hierarchy?

Yes, here is the hierarchy below -

  • DeFi High Rollers - Top Clan

  • Ethereum Titans - Second Highest Clan

  • Pachinko Degens - Third Highest Clan

  • Yakuza Barons - Base Clan

  1. How do I check my eligibility for the clans?

Follow these steps:

  • Create or log in to your ZKX Account.

  • Connect your L1 wallet that has been whitelisted (MetaMask, Coinbase, and WalletConnect.)

  • Arrive on the "Mint your NFT" page based on your clan.

  • Mint your FCFS NFT and start trading.

  1. If I don't join a clan, can I still trade on the OG platform?

Absolutely! If you miss joining a clan, you can still engage in trading activities and unlock $ZKX rewards.

  1. Can I switch clans?

Clans are given on the basis of your eligibility criteria and are not interchangeable.

  1. Perks of benefit in participating in a clan?

  • Participation in OG Trading, Clans, and Community Campaign is the eligibility criteria for Phase 2 of the Airdrop.

  • Phase 2 of the airdrop accounts for the remaining 12.1% supply of tokens (2.9% claimed for Airdrop 1) earmarked for the Token Community Launch.

  • There is also a Private VIP TG Group for Ethereum Titans and DeFi High Rollers members.

Trading Section

  1. How can I open/close a position on OG Trading?

  • Log in to your ZKX Account to Place an order.

  • Enter the trade amount and select the preferred leverage up to 20x.

  • Choose to open either a UP or DOWN position.

It’s that simple. Start trading on OG Trading with just one click.

  1. What trading pairs are supported on the OG Trading?

ETH/USDC, BTC/USDC, and SOL/USDC are the supported trading pairs. More pairs will be supported soon πŸ˜‰

  1. How much leverage can I use?

Leverage can go as high as 20x for assets such as ETH, & BTC and up to 10x for SOL.

Reward Section

  1. How does the 30-minute trading competition work?

  • Traders engage in 30-minute competitions for rewards in Profit, Volume, and Loss/Assets categories.

  • Open a position on any of the three assets, but your rewards are based on the session when you close the position.

  • Top 10% of traders in each PVL category per asset (BTC/ETH/SOL) qualify for the reward zone at the end of each 30-minute session.

  • The color of the reward zone signifies the category (Profit is green, Volume is blue, and Loss is red.)

  1. What are the Trading Incentives for OG trade?

To bootstrap the mainnet launch, 7 million tokens (out of 18%) are allocated from Trading Incentives for the first 2 months.

These rewards are distributed in the following way:

  • Traders in the top 10% of any Profit, Volume, or Loss category for an asset qualify for the Rewards Zone.

  • The top three traders receive the majority of tokens, while all other winners receive an equal share.

  • The rewards pool is set at 260 $ZKX tokens per category (Profit, Volume, and Loss.)

  • In total, there are 781 $ZKX tokens available per asset (BTC/ETH/SOL) for each 30-minute session.

  1. How are profit, volume & loss leaderboards calculated?

The top 10% of traders in each PVL category per asset (BTC/ETH/SOL) earn a place on the leaderboard and the reward zone. Out of the 10%, the top 3 traders in each PVL category earn Gold, Silver and Bronze Badges based on their position.

  1. Wen Airdrop 2?

Airdrop 2 will happen towards the end of Q1 2024, post the release of Advanced Trading. Rewards will be a combination of your rewards earned in OG Trading, participation in Clans, and completion of the ZKX x Intract Community Campaign.

  1. Is the $ZKX token live?

The $ZKX token is locked and will live at the Token Launch in a few months.

  1. Will there be an advanced trading terminal with additional types of orders and APIs?

API will be available privately for partners first. Public APIs will be released along with the Pro Trading interface in Q1.

  1. How can I withdraw funds from my ZKX Account?

    For withdrawing the funds from your ZKX Account:

    1. Click "Manage Funds" under the Buying Power widget

    2. Withdrawals from the ZKX account to your L1 wallet are now live and for L2 withdrawals we support Starknet wallets like ArgentX and Braavos.

    Note on Time taken for withdrawals:

    1. Transaction history isn't available on the ZKX wallet, so users can track their withdrawals in the following way:

      1. Enter their ZKX account address on Starkscan/voyager

      2. Go to the Transactions tab

      3. Check the txn status and how long it will take

  2. How do I report an issue? Navigate to the Help section on the Top panel, select "Provide feedback" from the drop-down menu, and categorize your issue. Discord channels are also available for user feedback.

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