🗝️Trade Overview and History

Pro Trade Overview - Portfolio, Markets, Trade, Orders, Rewards, and History

You also have side navigation to maneuver through the platform on the left.


The Portfolio page provides an overview of your account. It consists of 4 widgets: Overview, Account, Positions, and Market.

  1. Account: Deposit/ Withdraw funds and view transaction history.

  2. Market: The topmost widget offers a quick view of asset prices with charts.

  3. Position: Shows a summary of your trading positions across all markets and transaction history. Users can also deposit and withdraw from this widget.


  1. Active Orders: Displays a list of all orders placed by the user, including all 4 types of orders.

  2. TP/SL: Lists all Take Profit/Stop Loss orders.


  1. Fills: Displays a list of all executed orders from all the markets.

  2. Balance: Refers to funding fees exchanged between long and short-position holders on the exchange.

Market and Rewards Page will be live in future releases.

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