✨Galxe Campaign

ZKX Onchain Summer: Explore Quests and Earn $ZKX on Galxe

We are excited to partner with Galxe, unlocking new opportunities for ZKX to tap into new users and for Galxe users to explore ZKX.

ZKX* Galxe Campaign Details

It’s easy and straightforward to take part in ZKX quests available on Galxe. Users who participate and complete all the quests will be eligible for Airdrop 2 πŸ˜‰

  • πŸ—“οΈ Duration: 20th May 15:00 UTC - 1st June 21:59 UTC

  • ZKX Quests: The quests will include a mix of social & on-chain tasks, with an emphasis on the latter. (It’s Onchain Summer, after all!)

  • How to Participate?

    • Complete all quests to earn 3 ZKX Onchain Summer #GalxeOATs.

    • At the end of the campaign, the OAT holders’ ZKX wallets will be verified for on-chain quest completion.

    • Only the participants who successfully completed ALL the quests will be eligible for Airdrop 2.

How do I get started?

Participating in the ZKX Quest campaign on Galxe is simple:

  • Join the ZKX Campaign on Galxe here.

  • Complete all quests to earn 3 ZKX Onchain Summer #GalxeOATs.


Complete all the quests in the ZKX Campaign on Galxe to qualify for Airdrop 2!

Here's what you need to know about the criteria:

  • Number of OG Trade NFTs

  • Number of Clan NFTs

  • Galxe Campaign

  • Referred Volume

Join us on this exciting journey and start earning rewards with ZKX and Galxe πŸš€

And if you are living under a rock, the DeFi Spring campaign is live on ZKX, and you get to earn both STRK and ZKX at the same time. Check out the announcement here - Welcome to Starknet DeFi Spring Phase 3 with ZKX.

Stay tuned to our X, Discord, and other social media accounts, where we will be sharing Galxe quest updates.

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