🚀Starkway - Native Bridge

Starkway is a bridge that enables seamless integration of Ethereum (L1) and Starknet (L2) networks.

Starkway is an innovative bridge solution designed for effortless funds transfers between the Ethereum (L1) and Starknet (L2) blockchains. It enables users to send both ERC20 tokens and ETH through a trustless and transparent mechanism. Starkway consists of Solidity smart contracts on Ethereum and Cairo contracts on Starknet. Starkway leverages the L1-L2 messaging mechanism provided by Starkware.

Key Features

  • Trustless: Contract owners have no access to user funds, ensuring a secure and reliable environment

  • Universal acceptance of ERC-20 token standards

  • Optimized to reduce Ethereum gas costs

  • "Message Attribution" feature for attaching custom payload messages to deposits, enabling greater flexibility

  • Designed for upgradability without compromising on security, avoiding the use of proxies

Current Implementation

Starkway has been functioning on mainnet since the launch of ZKX Account, the Yakuza NFT drop, and the first locked airdrop in 2023. It's been audited by Nethermind. You may check the report here.

Starkway has been in use with the following features and used for campaigns within ZKX:

  • Starkway's bridge is currently enabling easy deposits from Ethereum L1 directly to ZKX Accounts on Starknet.

  • Starkway is used during some of our successful campaigns like airdrops and clan NFTs.

  • Starkway's cross-chain messaging feature enabled us to check the eligibility of L1 wallets and distribute the rewards consequently.

Bridge Fees

Currently, the fees for ZKX are set as follows:

  • Deposit Fees: 0%

  • Withdrawal Fees: 1%

Security and Upgradability

Starkway smart contracts are designed with security and upgradability in mind. The contract structure enables seamless integration of future Starkway upgrades. To ensure transparency and safety, a long-lasting delay of over one week is established between the initiation and completion of the upgrading process. During this period everyone can audit the code of the new contract and go through its audit reports. This feature prevents unexpected upgrades to unaudited or malicious contracts from happening.

Transaction Time

Transaction durations depend on the performance of Starknet's L1-L2 messaging mechanism.

Future Plans

Paymaster smart contracts are being implemented to facilitate payments of gas fees in the denominator of the transaction.

Plans for a future standalone open-source deployment of Starkway are under consideration.

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