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Deposit Method: You can deposit USDC from your L1 and L2 wallets using the Top Up button available in the ZKX wallet.

Avoid Direct Deposits to the ZKX Account: Please do NOT send funds directly from your L1 and L2 wallets. Use the "Top Up" function from the ZKX Account, and choose Ethereum or Starknet.

L2 Deposits: Please refer to the Deposits section for step-by-step details.

Welcome to OG Trading

OG Trading platform is a gamified perpetual swap exchange to trade your favorite crypto tokens.

Before we jump into the breakdown of the UI, here are the key things you need to know while trading on ZKX OG Trade πŸ‘‡

  • Market orders are available on OG Trade, with an Up and Down button.

  • All types of orders and complex trading features will be made available during Pro Trade (our second product will be launched in Q1 2024)

  • You will have the option of 3 assets to play with: BTC, ETH & SOL

  • Engage in competitive 30-minute sessions tailored for each asset: ETH, SOL & BTC.

  • You can open one position on any of the three assets. However, your trading rewards will be calculated based on the trading session in which you close your position.

Choose your preferred market from the three options- ETH, BTC, and SOL & Click on the β€˜Start Trading’ Button to kickstart your trading experience.

Terminal Screen

Let’s break it down πŸ‘‡

  1. Rewards: Clicking on the Rewards section reveals a pop-up with detailed information on Profit, Volume, and Loss badges.

  2. Market Info and Timer: Explore market details for your selected trading pair. A 30-minute timer signifies an ongoing trading competition, with the color shifting to red in the final 5 minutes.

  3. Market Dropdown: Find a small dropdown icon next to the selected market (e.g., ETH-USDC). Click on it to choose from available markets.

  4. Trader Sentiment: This section provides live information about the market, derived from cumulative activities of active participants. (If users are placing more UP orders, the percentage of UP will be higher. Conversely, if there are more DOWN orders, the percentage of DOWN will be greater.)

Stats and Live Chat

  1. Stats and Live Chat: Witness real-time statistics for top users in Profit, Loss, and Volume. Whether or not you are logged in, catch a glimpse of the leading two participants in each category. Click on the leaderboard icon to explore detailed leaderboards for each category. If the Rewards Zone sign lights up while you're trading, it means you're winning some rewards!

  2. Rewards Zone: If you find yourself in the "REWARDS ZONE," you have entered the Top 10% color of the reward zone would determine which one (Profit is green, Volume is blue, and Loss is red.)

Trading View

You have a trading view chart that you can use to analyze market trends.

Trade and History

This section has the following states -

  1. Placing a Trade Order: If you're not logged in, start trading by logging in to your ZKX Account.

  2. Logged-In Screen: Once logged in, you will see information such as buying power.

    • Buying Power - Buying power is the funds available to open a position if a maximum limit is set. Your buying power will change based on the market you have selected.

      • Input your desired trade amount and select the preferred leverage upto 20x

      • Choose to open either a UP or DOWN position.

  3. Fees and Position Opening:

    • You will have to pay a trading fee when opening a position.

  4. Open Position - After opening a position, two states may occur:

    • Green Theme: A green theme indicates that you're making a profit.

    • Red Theme: A red theme appears when your position is under a loss.

On both screens, you'll find information such as entry price, amount invested, and liquidation price. During the placement and closure of a trade, an intermediate loader state will keep you informed.

  • Entry Price - The Price of the asset at the time of buying.

  • Amount Invested - The Total amount the user has invested in the current position.

  • Liquidation Price - If the asset price drops below the liquidation price, your position will be automatically closed, and a liquidation fee will be imposed.

  1. History: Explore all your trade transactions conveniently in the history tab. Keep track of your trading journey and analyze past decisions.

  2. Closing Position: Users can close their positions directly from this tab, providing a seamless and efficient trading experience.

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